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Load of bread
White Dinner Plate
Basil Leaf
A night at Sunday
Supper Church
1.Set the table2. Prepare3. Gather + warm bread communion4. Eat5. Sermonette + table conversation6. Naming circle + dessert benediction7. Clean up

We are a Women
Led Dinner Church

Centering life and faith around
beautiful tables of food in Chicago.

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Two Women Pastors Smiling
Two Women Pastors Smiling

We are a Women
Led Dinner Church

Centering life and faith around
beautiful tables of food
in Chicago.

Welcome to
our table!

Sunday Supper Church began in early 2017 to provide a space that each of us were unable to find elsewhere—a church that was safe and fully inclusive of women, BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community.

Pastor teaching people at tables

A table for all

We believe that Jesus’s table is wide and long and available to all, and that white men are not the only ones with valid views and opinions about church, faith and Jesus. So we created a dinner church in which communion, dinner, a short sermonette, naming circle and cake benediction is led by all. It’s been life-changing for many of us who once felt marginalized in church. A beautiful meal shared around the table provides the perfect opportunity to learn from each other and see the divine image of God in one another.

Due to COVID-19 and our vision for keeping ourselves and neighbors safe, we’re currently gathering virtually.

Throughout 2020, we have strived to translate our in-person gatherings into virtual gatherings. We’ve been surprised and delighted to discover that—even virtually—the table is wide and all are welcome.

White Plate
Bay Leaf

An evening at Sunday Supper Church

During the night we engage together in communion, dinner, a short sermonette, naming circle and cake benediction.

We gather intentionally around tables of food to nourish each other through meaningful spiritual conversation.

We build a community for all people by creating a sacred church experience.

1. Set the table

We arrive, set the tables together and prepare the space for dinner.

Set Table with Flowers

2. Prepare

After the tables are set, we enjoy a beautiful plate of fruits and vegetables, chat and experience Jesus as we connect with others. It’s fun and lively, and feels like the start of a great dinner party.

People sitting at tablesFruit on wooden cutting board

3. Gather + warm bread communion

We gather in a circle around the communion table as the host welcomes and gives an overview of the night. Then we share communion (warm homemade bread and grape juice), reminded that Jesus’s presence is near, and that he is alive in each of us.

Communion bread on plate

4. Eat!

Black woman at buffet

The Pastor Chef presents dinner and we all “ooohhh” and “ahhh” over the meal. We take our food to the tables (5-6 people at each) to eat and discuss a guiding question of the evening. We want everyone who attends a gathering to be able to enjoy the same meal, most weeks we prepare a vegetarian meal, typically dairy-free. On the special occasions that we serve meat, we make sure to also provide a vegetarian option.

Group at buffet line

5. Sermonette + table conversation

Still gathered around our tables, we hear a 10 minute sermonette that gives common language for the group centered around the guiding theme. After the sermonette, each table discusses a second guiding question that builds off the sermonette. We do so believing that our faith is expanded as we learn from others by hearing their unique perspectives.

6. Naming circle + dessert benediciton

We end the night by gathering again as a whole group for a naming circle, in which we take turns saying this to each other, "I saw the image of God in you tonight when…" Finally, we conclude our gathering with dessert benediction, in which we raise our sweet treat and declare a blessing to each other.

People standing in circle

7. Clean up

Just as we set the table together, we end the night together packaging leftovers and cleaning up the space.

Hand holding fork washing it under running water from the sink

Interested in joining our next gathering?

All are welcome and honored. We are an affirming church. We do our best to be an anti-racist church and we celebrate all genders and abilities. You are a wonderful expression of God’s goodness, and we would love if you joined us for our next gathering.

Extra Sugar: Blog + Podcast

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January 16, 2021
November 19, 2019

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Founder, Pastor
- ft.
Dominique Leach
Restaurant Owner
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Dominique Leach, chef and owner of Lexington Betty Smokehouse, makes her second appearance on the show and shares with Amy the challenges and joys of opening her first restaurant, her commitment to be herself, and the importance of supporting black-owned restaurants.